Selecting the Best Hose Reels

If your old garden hoses are already worn out because of the frequency of use that it has experienced throughout the years, then perhaps it is about time that you find a suitable replacement that can offer more that your desired number of years of service from a durable product. To learn more about the different garden hoses that are out on the market to date, just make a simple search.

There are plenty of garden reels that are available today and they can be quite confusing as to deciding which type, style and brand are going to best suit your specific needs. In this article, you will read some guides on how to choose the hose reels and some more hose reels advice so that you can be armed with the best information once you are to make your purchase.

There are different aspects that one should consider upon selecting a perfect garden reel for your particular needs. Some of them are actually listed in brief form below:

  1. You must first decide what is the length of the garden hose is that is right for you.

Most hoses normally come in 25-foot increments. Measure how large is your yard? For small yards, a 25-footer hose reel may already be everything you need. You must keep in mind that the longer the hose, the lower the pressure there will be when the water finally reaches the end. If you have front and back yard spigots, you can consider two 25-foot hoses, one for back and other at the front. How far from the water supply is your garden? If your garden is at the end of your back yard and the only spigot you have is in the front of the house, then a 100-foot hose might be your only option. You must keep in mind that garden hoses can be linked together very easily so an additional 25 feet in length can be simply by linking another hose to the end.

  1. You must set how much do you want to spend?

You do get what you pay for in a garden hose depending on your budget. Hoses can vary widely in price. You must expect to spend about $20-30 for a good quality, multi-ply 50-foot hose; but prices may be higher for top-of-the-line, durable flat garden hoses.

  1. Try to avoid buying cheap garden hoses.

You will really regret it later. Poor quality hoses have a very short life expectancy and they are prone to kink up during constant use. Hoses are constructed from one to six plies. A six-ply garden hose will last a long time as long as it is properly stored during winter.

  1. You must check to see if the hoses you would like to purchase carry a good warranty.

Most reputable companies will guarantee their garden hoses from leaking or cracking for a reasonable amount of time. If you are thirsting for more information about hose reels, you can learn more at